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Our Story

From Systems to People to Talent

Mark Sirkin began his professional career as an academic clinical psychologist, teaching systems theory, family dynamics, and group therapy to medical students and psychology graduate students. From families to therapy groups, he pioneered the application of systems theory to the everyday problems people experienced. Basing his work on the core insight that people are invariably participants in larger groups — family settings, work settings, even professional networks — he developed and taught interventions based on these insights.

Realizing that businesses were the ultimate challenge in complex human systems, he began to respecialize in organizational consultation, obtaining a post-doctoral certificate from the world-renowned psychoanalytic institute, The William Alanson White Institute in New York City. As a member of the first class in 1990 of their Organizational Consulting and Development Program, he began his consulting career applying his system insights to family businesses.  In the past twenty years, he has had opportunities to work with a great variety of businesses, from Fortune 50 companies to publicly-held smaller firms, to not-for-profits and large and small law firms.

In 2004, Mark synthesized his many insights into a book: The Secret Life of Corporations. Since then he has continued his consulting career at Hay Group and most recently specializing in professional service firms, especially law firms, at Hildebrandt (now Hildebrandt Baker Robbins, a division of Thomson Reuters. He has continued developing his insights into human capital development and writing about the interface of people, talent, and organizations.

As a founding member of Sirkin Advisors, Mark works with a number of others with expertise in various fields and types of businesses. He partners with highly trained professionals who work in law firms, health care, and family businesses.