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Human Capital Services

Is your company’s current talent pool deep enough to sustain company growth?It’s crunch time, your company is growing and you need measurable results now. In moments like this, what matters most is the breadth and depth of your company’s talent pool. The question, therefore, isn’t just whether you have the right talent to grow, but whether your talent pool is deep enough for you to sustain that growth.

Typically, we add value to businesses by applying psychological science and principles to assessment of individuals and teams to help them better execute the strategic plans of the business. We work with the leadership of the organization, or sometimes with investors in the company, to understand the issues and provide customized solutions based on the company’s unique needs and our experience.

Our Services:

  • Assessments for selection and development.
  • Coaching leaders at all levels to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Building teams and improving teamwork.
  • Improving the fit between person and job
  • Coaching for performance
  • Compensation and motivation strategies
  • Evaluating and improving employee commitment
  • Coaching for improving cultural adaptation and transition, assisting in relocation and foreign assignments including family issues
  • Consulting on marketing and hiring strategies for foreign markets.

Tools and Techniques

  • Hogan Assessment Systems (
    • Utilizing the most widely used and best validated psychological assessment instruments for industry. Capable of
      providing feedback about personality functioning, values and motivation, and career derailers (weak areas).
  • Belbin Team Role Analysis and Reports (
    • Analyzes team functioning
    • Examines fit between person and role
  • Sirota Survey Intelligence (
    • Engaged employees add value to the bottom line through reduced turnover and extra, discretionary, effort.
    • Assesses the commitment of the company workforce and identifies issues that could become problematic for
  • Overseas Assignment Inventory (
    • Measures factors crucial for adaptation to another culture Provides feedback about both the potential expat and
      his/her partner
  • Executive Talent Overview
    • In-depth interpersonal interview and report with one or more psychologists gets to the heart of an employee’s, or
      potential employee’s, skills, talents, derailers and development objectives.
    • Best method to learn if someone is ready to take on a job or new set of responsibilities
  • Leadership Human Capital Scorecard
    • Uses a set of objective assessments, interviews, and in vivo observations to assess the management team.
    • Rates individuals for current level and potential functioning.
    • Rates the team on current level of functioning, including areas of strength and development opportunities.

Specialized Services

  • Building and implementation of competency models
  • Myers-Briggs (MBTI) assessments and programs
  • Programs to assess and improve emotional intelligence (EQ), more predictive of success than IQ (MSCEIT, EQ-I, ECI)
  • Conflict styles assessments and conflict resolution skills training
  • Leadership Development training for managers and leaders
  • Customized leadership programs fit to the needs of the company
  • Succession planning
  • Family business issues