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    Maximizing the potential of all your people.

For you it’s more than just your company.
So learn what it takes to hire more than just an employee.

Sirkin Advisors is a human capital consulting firm that specializes in delivering proven methods for maximizing employee potential to companies ready to grow beyond the start-up stage.

Human capital refers to the people of an organization and the skills that make them successful in their roles: from selection and screening to leadership and team development, we help companies utilize the skills of their people to achieve desired outcomes when it matters most.

When it comes to company growth maximizing talent clearly matters.

The leadership skills required to run a start-up company are different from those required to run an organization of fifty or one hundred or several hundred or thousand employees. As companies grow, leadership requires people skills and emotional intelligence to hire, track, and develop the talent in an organization.

To transform your company from where it is to where you envision it to be, in the most effective and efficient manner possible, is where Sirkin Advisors comes in. It’s crunch time, your company is growing and you need measurable results now.  In moments like this, what matters most is the breadth and depth of your company’s talent pool. The question, therefore, isn’t just whether you have the right talent to grow, but whether your talent pool is deep enough for you to sustain that growth.

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